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We help designers and architects to get the materials they need for their projects, offering the best alternatives in natural stone.

Estimating Department

We offer a complete service giving support to the estimating department since the beginning stages of the projects.

Samples Submittal

We have a large stock of samples of all types of natural stone for any project to prepare mock up or samples for submission.

QC on site

We offer personalized quality control in all phases of the project.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

After 27 years supplying projects, there is a sentence I have heard very often, a job is a job, it does not matter if it is big or small or if it is made of a very exclusive or standard material, all projects have their space in Stone Sale, and we will always look for the solution for the needs of our clients

From slate to limestone, sandstone granite or any other natural stone. Stone Sale will always try to supply what the client is looking for and we will give advice on the best options and alternatives to be more efficient, looking for materials with EPD, CE marking, information on the carbon footprint, etc.

We are aware that natural stone is one of the most ECO and sustainable materials on earth.

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The Green Zone

This is for environment lovers, architects , specifiers,et​c.
Positive technical-ecological arguments about natural stone.

Natural stone does not pollute other materials or the environment.

Natural stone is considered INERT, according to Royal Decree 105/2008, which regulates the production and management of construction or demolition waste. This means that it is a non-hazardous material, that it does not undergo physical, chemical or biological transformations and that it does not negatively affect other materials with which it comes into contact, so that it does not cause environmental contamination.
Having this condition, it can be used, for example, in landfills in contact with the sea, such as bridges or seaports, etc.

Natural stone has the lowest possible reaction to fire class of building materials
Natural stone is classified as A1 for reaction to fire, according to European Commission decision 96/603/EC. This class represents materials that do not contribute to fire at any stage of the fire. It is the best classification that exists according to the Euroclases and there is no need to prove it by carrying out tests.

In ventilated façade projects, natural stone has a great advantage since the requirements in this regard are highly supported, due to the spread of fire between floors through the materials and between the stone façade and brick walls, which is extremely dangerous.

Natural stone comes from a more responsible production process than other building materials.

Natural stone is used in a project it just comes direct from nature, with cutting as almost the only transformation operation.
During production processes, its structure, its composition is not changed, no chemical substances are added (or, if it is done, in an amount less than 1% by volume), and this makes it easier for its responsible manufacture process much better that of other substitute products.

We will reach a similar conclusion for floor tiles (Studie Boden ( Comparing them with alternative materials such as large-format ceramics, carpets, PVC, laminates or parquet, they are the best positioned. Note that, for instance, compared to a large-format ceramic, its life cycle impact is of 84% lower.

A new study made by the Technological Center for Granite in Porriño, Spain, has analyzed the energy used during the useful life of natural stone. Concluding that granite is the most favorable case in this regard.

Natural stone is a sustainable material and allows a sustainability construction.
The carbon footprint can be defined as the totality of greenhouse gases emitted directly or indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product.
The analysis carried out by researchers from the University of Stuttgart shows that the CO2 emissions of a natural stone tile are 27% lower than those of terrazzo. And they are up to 74% smaller than large-format ceramics.

Talking about transport, considering natural stone tiles, only 0.16 kg of CO2 are generated when a local material is used in a project. A total of 3.2 kg of CO2 in the case of its transport within Europe and 7.9 kg of CO2 for a stone coming from, for example, China. Therefore, it is shown that the use of natural stone closest to its final location minimizes the carbon footprint emitted.

EPD, (environmental Product Declaration) of natural stone in force.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a standardized document that provides quantified and verifiable information on the environmental performance of a product, material, or service. These tools are used to assess the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of a product.
In 2014, the Euroroc association drew up the sectorial EPDs for natural stone slabs, of which those related to massive slabs are still in force:

EPD for natural stone tiles and slabs:
EPD of massive natural stone slabs (more than 80 mm thick):

On the other hand, many companies and organizations, aware of the need to implement this type of policy, have begun to analyze the life cycles of their products and carry out individual EPDs.

Natural stone has good thermal inertia

Thermal inertia is the ability of building materials to store heat and then gradually release it.
In the case, for example, of the facades, the stone accumulates the heat from solar radiation, which contributes to maintaining a constant temperature in the interior spaces, that is, it contributes to thermal comfort without using both heating and air conditioned. If we use less heating, we reduce the energy generated for it and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
This emphasizes the sustainability character of buildings built with natural stone.

High-density stones such as granite contribute to the attenuation of exterior noise in buildings

Due to their high density, marble and granite, contribute to attenuate the noise that comes from outside the buildings, so that they make more comfortable buildings.

Natural stone has a very low maintenance cost

It seems that natural stone is expensive, but is NOT.

Taking into account all the material execution costs of a building during its useful life of much more than 30 years, natural stone is less expensive than other materials, since the initial investment costs are offset by the low cost of maintenance and its long useful life.
Cleaning operations, replacement of elements and repairs are minimal compared to other materials.

Natural stone is a fully recyclable material. Its main use after recycling is the manufacture of aggregates or precast cement.
Also, in many cases, natural stone can be reused in new construction. Once removed, it can be remanufactured and reshaped into a new product. Sometimes can even be used again by applying a deep cleaning or a new surface finish. This is because of its high durability. An example of this is the reuse of old cobblestones, kerbs ashlars etc after more than 100 years.

We’ve Been Building For Over 27 Years

After more than 27 years in the natural stone sector, we embarked on Stone Sale in November 2020 to continue offering quality service to all clients who wish to share their new projects with us. We hope to continue offering the best of the natural stone factories in Spain, Italy and Portugal, giving advice and supplying projects tailored to the needs of customers.

We want to thank the incredible reception and support provided by the factories of Porrino, North of Portugal, Alicante and Almeria and Italy with their granite slates, limestone sandstones, quartzites and marbles, since thanks to their collaboration we have been able to find a place in the market and meet the needs of our valued customers.

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Let’s Build Something Together

This section is dedicated to resolving doubts and receiving inquiries about materials, their technical characteristics, photographs and their availability, as well as doubts about possible finishes, and the feasibility of manufacturing special pieces.

Please, get in touch with us by email or by phone or by WhatsApp at any time of the day. We will be happy to assist you in a flexible schedule and almost immediate response.

Fastest response with pricing when time matters

We are aware that sometimes reaction time is very important and that is why it is essential to know when a client needs something urgently in order to respond adequately and on time. Many quotes can be given on the same day to be able to arrive on time to the bidding.

Extensive library of natural stone samples

Thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the factories with which Stone Sale works, we have easy access to a large number of natural stone samples that can be standard or custom, we can even supply mock up and dry-laid for projects that require it.

Search for materials according to the demanded characteristics

We try to offer the specified material in the projects and whenever possible we offer a similar lower cost alternative. We offer Advice on what materials would be the most suitable for each project within a large amount of limestones, marbles,quartzites, sandstones and of course granites from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil,Finland, Norway and some other distant countries.

External Quality Control for projects

We offer an external quality control service for all those natural stone projects that our clients want to manufacture in Spain or Portugal or Italy (Verona) and need to be controlled by an independent company. It can be a simple visual, dimensional or more exhaustive control, both of custom-made pieces and of standard slabs and tiles. You provide us with your quality criteria and we apply it to your material before loading. Please feel free to ask for a quote.

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